Help with ingesting an html table using apoc.load.html

I would like to dynamically create some product information from scraping a version table.

I'd like to create (:Esxiversion) with .version .name .releasedate .buildnumber .installerbuild from

I'm not exactly sure how to use the tags to consume the table data within the HTML. any hints to get started would be helpful.

With "" as url
call apoc.load.html(url) yield value
return value

Hi, @pdrangeid

I believe that you cant fetch information from that site. As it uses Content Security Policy (CSP) that protects this site content.

If you query

WITH "" as url
CALL apoc.load.html(url,{target: 'meta'}) YIELD value
RETURN value

you see in response that

    "http-equiv": "Content-Security-Policy"


Consulted with andrea.larus on neo4j-ninjas slack channel - and he explained that the real issue seems to be that page is generated by javascript runtime.

if you put the following link in Chrome URL bar view-source:
then there is no table tag at all.

Created issue post in APOC repo: apoc.load.html ability to read runtime structure of the page · Issue #1372 · neo4j-contrib/neo4j-apoc-procedures · GitHub

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Thanks for the follow-up. I was looking at the page content with a colleague and had determined that it was dynamically delivered content, but wasn't sure how that affected the ability to collect it with apoc.

Thanks for submitting the issue!