Hello, I'm working on an information manager with plugins for neo4j and other datasources!

Hello, my name is Brian Burns - I wrote an application called Neomem back in 2000 which was a hierarchical database in C++/MFC, kind of a cross between a spreadsheet and word processor. The UI was kind of clunky though, and the code became overly complex, so I gave up on it after a few years.

So I've been using Emacs/orgmode the last 15 years for notes and things, but recently decided to revive Neomem with a plugin for neo4j as the main datasource. I plan to make it open source, possibly with paid hosting plans, if it goes well.

Neo4j is really flexible and I love working with it so far! I'll be using JavaScript and React for the front-end.

I live in Austin, Texas - glad to be here :slight_smile:


Hi Brian,

I have been using evernote for the last 10 years and mind map software since 2005.
I am interested in explicit knowledge software like Neo4j.

In the early nineties I liked to use Ashton Tate's Framework which worked with a hierarchical structure.

Welcome and good work


Thanks, Alessio :slight_smile: I hadn't heard of Framework - it looks like it was an interesting program. I used Lotus Symphony a bit in the early 90s and liked it a lot, especially the way the menus worked.

I'm trying to make Neomem have different views of the same information - eg table/outline/document. I'll post more as I make progress - the early experiments with neo4j have been promising...