Re-introducing myself

I actually created this account a long time ago, but at the time I was in a stressful situation and reached the point of burnout. I've recovered and from now on I'd like to be more active in the community.

I'm a developer and have mainly worked MySQL and MongoDB. I developed a fascination for Neo4j when I first read about it. I'd like to start small hobby projects with Neo4j.

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Hello ,

We're very glad to welcome you back to the Neo4j community! :slight_smile:

Let us know how things go with your hobby projects.


Hello Sir

May be since you have already worked on MongoDb. You can write your own plugin for fetching tha data from MongoDb into Neo4j. Either you can write a generic framework using template design pattern and leave some methods unimplemented for implementation by derived classes from your framework or write the entire code yourself and make the hobby project in Neo4j git repository for use by Neo4j community members

Thanking you
G Sameer

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