Greetings from GreenAsJade

I'm currently building a "Joseki Dictionary" for the game of Go.

Joseki seem like a tree of positions with relationships, so neo was an interesting implementation tool to try.

The back end is written in Java using Spring Data Neo4j.

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Welcome to the community. Please share via an article when you have made progress with your approach. Game solving via trees is definitely a sensible approach.

I'm nearly done - the thing in beta right now (though offline at this exact point in time :) ).

The particular problem has a performance "challenge" for the graph that isn't solved to my satisfaction. In performance tests I get "workable" but not "awesome" performance, while an SQL based prototype appeared to do "awesome" (at the expense of being more painful to implement and think about).

It may be that graph experts can shine a light on how to do it better, so I'll try to find a way to concisely describe the problem when I have a moment :slight_smile:

Do you have an example of this sort of thing, to follow the lead of?


Sure see here:

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This would be great to share in the #projects-collaboration category! :slight_smile:

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