Greenfield project. Sydney / Remote. Neo4j + Flutter / PWA

Hiya everyone!

We’re DittoFlo - a Sydney-based startup in the B2B / construction space.

If LinkedIn and Asana had a baby, that’s what we’re building.

And we’ve been searching high and low for you to help us get there.

Technically, you:

  • know your way around Neo4j and have built a few graph DBs in the past
  • have experience working on business apps
  • are comfortable working with restful APIs
  • have dabbled with Flutter or PWAs (bonus points)

Additionally, you:

  • see nodes and relationships literally everywhere you look
  • enjoy experimenting how far you can drive with the fuel light on
  • acknowledge that the wheel was invented a very long time ago
  • are a team player, a good communicator and comfortable making decisions
  • have capacity for at least 20 hours a week and are potentially available for next few months (freelance / contract arrangement)
  • can start inside the next few weeks
  • live in Sydney, AUS / Wollongong / Canberra so we all can meet in-person from time to time (bonus points)

We’re prepared to offer you:

  • money, of course (rates negotiable)
  • a blank canvas, so no headaches with legacy BS
  • remote work and the flexibility to work your own hours
  • independence and the chance to forge your own path

If this piques your interest and you tick most boxes, shoot us a message at with links to your profile and portfolio.

Let’s get on a zoom call so we can chat and get to know you.

You can check out my LinkedIn profile if you want to put a face to the name.

Most importantly, have a great day wherever in the world you are!

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Please let me know if I can offer my consulting related to Neo4j.

my eyes were getting wider and wider with excitement as i read this until i got to the line "live in Sydney, AUS...." then i shed a tear :cry: