G'day from Sydney

Hello everyone!
I am a Solution Architect based in Sydney, Australia - with experience and ideas in the retail space. Got interested in graph databases while researching for a hobby project idea. Hoping to build a POC soon. Neo4J makes it a lot easier! Was very clear from first attempt at modelling the domain that relational won't cut it. Hence came to graphs and naturally to Neo4j and here I am. Also want to explore the possibilities when graphs are used with Machine Learning - another area of interest!

Anyone else from Sydney?

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G'day @sjtharayil. Originally from Wollongong, but live abroad now. Have you seen this book? https://www.manning.com/books/graph-powered-machine-learning

@jasperblues. Nice to hear from you. Thanks for directing me to the book.

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Hi Saji,
I am from Sydney, did you get started on your POC? I am looking at https://grandstack.io/
Also trying to find others from Aus into Ne04j