GraphQL is returning [object Object]

I am using R/Shiny with Apollo and the Neo4j GraphQL Library. I am inferring my schema using this:

const inferAugmentedSchema = driver => {
  return inferSchema(driver).then(result => {
    return makeAugmentedSchema({
      typeDefs: result.typeDefs

The schema point of interest is:

type Skill {
   _id: Long!
   name: String!
   projects_in_need_of: [Project] @relation(name: "IN_NEED_OF", direction: IN)
type Project {
   _id: Long!
   description: String
   name: String!

My query is:

execute_query = function(query) {
        result <- conn$exec(Query$new()$query('link', query)$link)
        flat_result <- result %>% fromJSON(flatten = F)
        result.df <-[[1]])
        output$table <- DT::renderDataTable({result.df}, rownames = TRUE, filter = 'top', selection = 'single', extensions = 'Buttons')
    # Run a query

    query SampleQuery {

The code will return the name of the skill, then it will return skill.projects_in_need_of instead of the name, and description. When it has a project to return, it returns [object Object]

I can't figure out if it is my query or not- I am new to this and using a template!

Does the query work if you just use graphql-playground or graphiql?

If you're just starting out you should consider moving to neo4j/graphql which is the new, officially supported library

If I copy and paste the query into the GraphQL playground API, it works! It must be something in my code. I don't know why it's not returning to the application.

The organization and team I belong to is using this template so I cannot move to the neo4j/graphql

I switched to the new driver and my query worked for two runs before it started returning the node object and not the attributes.