Graphing only paths returned by allShortestPaths()

I am interested in producing visualizations of the paths returned from allShorestestPaths(). The issue I am running into is after returning the paths any relationships between intermediary nodes is also displayed. I would like to only display the relationships between the nodes in each individual path. Would anyone happen to know of a way to do this? I can see when it originally graphs the paths it only has the relationships I want, but shortly after it starts mapping relationships between all the other nodes as well which quickly clutters the output.

Sounds like you might have the "Connect Result Nodes" option checked in the Neo4j browser. Click the gear icon in the lower left, if it is checked, uncheck it and then try your query.

Thank you Jacob, this is the solution I was looking for. I was expecting the solution to be syntax related but this was much simpler!

No problem! It's great when it turns out simpler than expected.