Run for ever and no output from allshortestpath


I got the dataset from my boss but nodes don't have labels. I want to find all pairs shortest path.
the dataset has about 10000 nodes.

Please check my code is right?

  nodeProjection: '*',
  relationshipProjection: {
    ROAD: {
      type: 'RELATED',
      properties: 'length'
  relationshipWeightProperty: 'length'
YIELD sourceNodeId, targetNodeId, distance
WITH sourceNodeId, targetNodeId, distance
WHERE gds.util.isFinite(distance) = true

MATCH (source) WHERE id(source) = sourceNodeId
MATCH (target) WHERE id(target) = targetNodeId
WITH source, target, distance WHERE source <> target

RETURN AS source, AS target, distance
ORDER BY distance DESC, source ASC, target ASC

please help me