Graph Visualization in Windows Form Desktop Application

Any recommendations for a graph visualization library for a Windows Form Desktop application?

I've reviewed the Graph Visualizations tools on the neo4j Developer site but all of them use a JavaScript client.

I would like to display the nodes I've created on a windows form similar to the display in neo4j desktop but without the browser.

I realize I can draw my own shapes on the windows form, but I'm hoping for a library that would do this for me.

Any thoughts or ideas?

Thank you.

Hi Roy,

In my little experience the problem is more complex than it seems.

I have developed a little project: From Neo4j graph to Virtual Reality concept map

As you can see the problem is the placement of nodes in a defined space.
There is a class of algorithms you can find :



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Thank you for your response and I now appreciate the challenge of graph layouts.

I have decided to use Microsoft Automatic Graph Layout (MSAGL) and, so far, it seems to fit my needs.