Graph of Excel tools and functions?

Has anyone built a graph database around MS Excel's functions/ tools? Something like,
(text function library)-[HAS_FUNCTION]->(mid function)
(data tools)-[HAS_TOOL]->(remove duplicates)
(charts)-[HAS_CHART]->(bar chart)-[HAS_ELEMENT]->(plot area)

I teach Excel and started building a graph for myself to help me organize my thoughts and course content. It occurred to me that there might be gist or someone else who's done this already, but I haven't found anything.

There have been investigations into thinking about spreadsheets as a graph, and integrations with spreadsheets, but not a catalog of features and tooling as you've described.

At first thought, this could be something like a mashup of a knowledge graph and a parts list, expressing both how and why all these items are related.

TBH it may be easier to model this in a mind-mapping tool first, and then import into Neo4j later if it'd be interesting to do dependency analysis and other investigations.


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Thanks @abk; at least I feel better about not missing something obvious that already exists.

Creating the categories and functions was pretty easy (thanks to this list), but I'm not sure where to go from here.