Graph Neural Networks and Neo4J

Hi folks, I've recently started research about Graph Neural Networks (GNN) applied on Knowledge Graphs. Is there already any initiative (as Graph Data Science Library) that facilitate the usage of GNN in Neo4j? Currently, I'm extracting data from Neo4j using Python and running GNN models with DGL.

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Ok, it seems there is no initiative like that. So, is there anyone needing it too? If so, are you interested in work together to create such tool/library in a collaborative way?

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Yeah, there is a course about data science. This course has a chapter about predictions so you can see some ML examples with graphs.


Hi @jggomez, thanks for the reply. It seems the course you've linked is about classical ML methods with Graph Data Science Library. Actually, I'm interested in something specific for Graph Neural Networks (GNN). I mean, a library that I can use inside Neo4j to be able to create GNN models and also train and run them inside Neo4j. I need something similar to GDS but for GNNs.

I don't know... but you can extract the information and apply GNN.


Hi @otaviocx I think they released some algorithms

Hi @otaviocx check out our most recent 1.4 release, which features GraphSAGE andNode2Vec within Neo4j:

You may also want to check out the presentation from NODES on Graph Native Learning with GraphSAGE and the model catalog:

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Even i have started by research in the same. trying to implement GNN with DGL extracting from neo4j. I have no ideas how to do it. can you please help me with resource or codes how to extract data from neo4j to implement GNN

@dhivyamohan05 check out this blog post: Neo4j & DGL — a seamless integration | by Kristof Neys | Towards Data Science

thank u @alicia.frame1