Graph Application from cypher shell or command line

I'm currently working as a software engineering intern at a Company that has several large H-base databases that they want loaded into Neo4j. Currently, we have loaded the data through HTTP Posts to the database (working in Scala). This is all done by spawning a server from a bash script. A Neo4j browser pops up in the default web browser once the data is loaded. We designed a user interface for selecting and loading data, but the client wants to be able to use graph applications and wants to be able to select that from the UI we designed.

The team understands how to load and use graph applications through the Desktop version, but can't figure out a way to to spawn a browser with a different installed graph application on the server. Is there a way to select one server side or changed to it via a cypher command? Or if there are other solutions I would love to hear them. Thanks everyone!