Graph Algorithms Shortest path

I am new to the Neo4j community and have a question about the algorithm.

I have modelled a warehouse graph in neo4j, in which I have the following Node type:

  • User. (with property 'id', )

Nodes are connected by the relationship 3 type of relationships TRADES,ATTACKS,MESSAGES, which has a property date" and "time"' describing the precise date which each relationship occurs.

I want to find the shortest path for each possible combination of nodes(User), but i dont have some property which is relative with distance or weight, i have only date and time so , is there a point to apply a shortest path algorithm for this database?If there,could you tell me how can i apply it? I used this queert for all shortest paths:
YIELD sourceNodeId, targetNodeId, distance
WITH sourceNodeId, targetNodeId, distance
WHERE algo.isFinite(distance) = true

MATCH (source:User) WHERE id(source) = sourceNodeId
MATCH (target:User) WHERE id(target) = targetNodeId
WITH source, target, distance WHERE source <> target

RETURN AS source, AS target, distance
ORDER BY distance DESC

I guess I need to use the algorithm, but I couldn't find a way to tackle my problem just yet.

Thanks in advance.