Graph Algorithms and Graph Data Science Playground App

I was using Neo4J few months back to do some analysis for my research work. I had used the Graph Algorithm app to run shortest path algorithm between two entities. The cypher query generated through the app is as follows:
:param limit => 50;
:param config => ({concurrency: 8, nodeQuery: null, relationshipQuery: null, weightProperty: "weight", defaultValue: 1, writeProperty: "louvain"});
:param startNodeId => null;
:param endNodeId => null;
CALL db.propertyKeys() YIELD propertyKey MATCH (start) WHERE start[propertyKey] contains $startNode
WITH start
CALL db.propertyKeys() YIELD propertyKey MATCH (end) WHERE end[propertyKey] contains $endNode
WITH start, end
CALL, end, $config.weightProperty, $config)
YIELD nodeId, cost
RETURN algo.getNodeById(nodeId) AS node, cost

After a few months when I decided to re-run the query or use the app to see the results, I am getting an error. Neither the app is executing the shortest path algorithm nor Neo4J is responding to the cypher query and is giving an error.

If anyone could let me know why this might be the case it would be really helpful.

Hi @tiwari.milind can you share the error?

My guess is that:
(1) you don't have the plugin (graph algos) installed -- this isn't just Cypher, but a procedure call, or
(2) you have GDS (our new graph data science library) installed, but you're using the syntax from the deprecated graph algos library.

I'd recommend updating NEuler and making sure you have the new GDS plug in installed, and re-build your algo call.

Dear Alicia,

Greetings and hope you are well. I updated my Neo4J Desktop version to 1.3.1. Once, I did that, I saw a new plug - GDS. However, I am not getting an installation option for the same. Does it mean that it is installed as it does not even give the option to uninstall like the other plug-ins. Moreover, does that mean that I should not install the other plug ins?

Secondly, when I tried using the graph data science playground app it did not open even when a database was active. The image has been attached for the same.

Please if you could guide me on how to approach this, it would be of immense help.

Dear Alicia,

I think re-installing the app and updating the desktop version sorted out the above issues. I have one more issue:

How can I generate visualization from graph algorithms which are of higher resolution quality with full labels?

If you don't like the visualizations from the Graph Data Science Playground, I would try using Bloom -- it's now free through Desktop and offers more customizable visualizations that will run on larger graphs.

I will have to understand how to use Bloom.