Good to be part of the pack!

I am Matthias Buhler from Frankfurt Germay. I'm working with master meta data for media archiving and distribution. I'm looking for some fruitful inspiration in order to keep our software up to date. Document focused databases would fit best for our purposes. But graphs were also a smart feature for a number of use cases. Surely our operators would quickly fall in love with Cypher.
Greetings to everyone!

Welcome Matthias!

Yes, documents may work well for describing the media-- but you can always represent the relationships between the data in a graph. This is how folks often use Neo4j and Mongo together-- the high level metadata and relationships are in the graph, with pointers to the mongo doc ids for the full details.

Best wishes on your project!


Hi Herr Buhler. I really want to see what you have collected! Where can i see it?

Would you please explain what do you mean with "collected"? Exceprience in Graph Databases?