Getting compile error after installing driver and seabolt (Windows)

I'm trying to build using the driver and seabolt. I installed the seabolt driver package (for windows ming 64 bit) and think I have the env vars set correctly. Here is the error I'm seeing:

go [list -e -json -compiled=true -test=false -export=false -deps=true -find=false -- ./...]: exit status 2: # GitHub - neo4j-drivers/gobolt: Neo4j Bolt Connector for Go
........\pkg\mod\\neo4j-drivers\gobolt@v1.7.4\config.go:25:23: fatal error: bolt/bolt.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.

Based on the error, it looks like it isn't trying to access the include path. I've looked and the file exists but is in a subdirectory of the one listed. I know the code builds because one of my coworkers has it running and building on her MAC.

Any suggestions on where to start looking would be appreciated.