Compiling issues with golang gobolt + Seabolt driver


I am trying to run the sample code available at ( using golang neo4j driver but running into issues.
I have build the seabolt 1.7.4 from source.
Have the following variables in place
PKG_CONFIG_PATH pointing to seabolt-1.7.4/build/dist/share/pkgconfig

When I try to build my code with command
env GOOS=linux go build -ldflags="-s -w" --tags seabolt_static -o bin/user users/user.go

I get the following error

../pkg/mod/ undefined: Config
../pkg/mod/ undefined: seaboltConnector

Can anyone point me in right direction.

We also getting the same issue / waiting on response from Neo4J other than check the version number

../../ undefined: Config
../../ undefined: seaboltConnector

Hi @jmadan,

Go driver doesn't support cross compilation scenarios (just because it depends on a native library - seabolt - through cgo). Does it successfully build when you don't specify GOOS as part of the go build command, i.e. does it build and run on macos?

The only suggestion I could make for you is probably to use a docker based pipeline so that you can build a static binary that you could deploy to your staging environment. I think this Dockerfile would be a good starting point.