Genealogy Open Source User Defined Funtions

Genealogy data involves multiple graphs. I've been working with Neo4j and genealogy data for several years, refining a schema and cypher queries. The complexity of the latter has increased over time. Thus, it is prudent to develop user defined functions (UDF) to simplify queries and enable more users to deploy genealogy data to Neo4j. This will include a procedure to load a GEDCOM file directly into Neo4j. GEDCOM is an industry standard which existing software can export. This procedure would facilitate migration and have an additional benefit of standardizing the Neo4j genealogy schema.

I have created a GitHub private repository for developing the Genealogy UDF. I'd like to engage a few collaborators with experience in Java and UDF development. If you'd like to be considered, please communicate with me offline at with a subject of Genealogy UDF.

There is some background at these links: -- the list is chronological, so the most mature stuff is at the end. I'll be posting more details about this project shortly.

David A Stumpf, MD, PhD
Professor Emeritus, Northwestern University

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