GCP Deployment

Hi Everyone!

I have deployed a neo4j causal cluster from gcp marketplace. When I stopped the VMs and resume them after a few days, the server was back on but the browser refused to connect. The ips (7473 and 7687) are trusted. Any suggestions on how to connect to the browser interface will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!q

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I'm also having this issue. I am following this tutorial, but I can't connect on port 7473 from Chrome. I also tried opening up port 7474 and accessing that, but that doesn't work either. I can ping the machine from within gcp from the cloud shell, but my local machine doesn't seem to be able to ping it.

Update: I was trying to access the machines from behind a strict firewall. Accessing the machines from a less secure network worked fine.

Thanks a lot will give it a shot.