Feedback from new user

(Ascheman) #1

I was using the community forum today for the first time and have some feedback

  • There are way to many forums, it was hard to choose the right one, hope I got it?
  • When sending my contribution (a problem report with a Neo4j based tool), I took the time to make some screen shots. When pressing the Create Topic button I was told that I am only allowed to upload two images (as new user). It would be great if the forum software would give that hint earlier.
  • I would like to see other users of the forum and mention them directly in my post - to make them aware of the discussion and get them involved
  • I understand the forum is meant also as a replacement for Slack, right? Then I would like to be able to do a (private) chat with a person or a group of persons. Always creating topics if you only have simple questions seems be overkill to me.