Failed to invoke procedure 'apoc.import.json'

I have been successful at getting started with Neo4j. But I had a problem yesterday. When I import json data to Neo4j using apoc.import.json,

an error was thrown as belowing:

Failed to invoke procedure apoc.import.json: Caused by: /home/dialog/neo4j-4.0.4/data/databases/newsstock/temp-bootstrap/newsstock20200529.json

I have learn that the default directory of import is neo4j_home/import,and I did not change it.Why this error happened?

Please help me to solve it.

Hi @chanpion,

Welcome to the community!!

Could you please share the script you ran for import

call apoc.import.json('newsstock20200529.json',{})

This could happen when
dbms.directories.import= is set data/databases/newsstock/temp-bootstrap..
Kindly recheck the configuration file

I did not set 'dbms.directories.import'.