Exporting RDF Data Error


I am getting the following error while exporting the RDF data. Could anyone please help me to figure out this issue.

While the passed ID is the result of following query:


Assuming you have a line like this in your neo4j.conf

You should be able to get the RDF serialisation of your node as follows:

:GET http://localhost:7474/rdf/neo4j/describe/278072

(if you're not working on localhost, replace that with the server name or IP address)

The short version of the URL used to work up to 3.5 but not from 4.0. I realise that the manual examples need to be updated. We'll get that done asap.



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Thanks Jesus for your reply.

I resolved that issue by correcting the URL. However, I am facing another issue. I don't know weather to ask here or create another topic for that, but if you can simply give me a hint about that here if possible.

"When I try to open Bloom, the Neo4J database automatically gets stop"


Maybe in the bloom channel.
Or on neo4j slack ?

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