Expected time to complete mapping

Hi all,

I'm using the ETL tool to map my organization's relational database. Their database has decades of data across roughly 7000 tables.

I am currently doing the mapping step (not the importing) and it has been running for 6 hours.

I'm totally fine with waiting but just wanted to ask if the mapping step is potentially a long process? If not I can kill the process and investigate further.

neo4j browser: 3.2.17
ETL tool 1.3.6

Thanks very much,

Not sure what to expect, but it ran the mapping step for 2 days and it hadn't finished. I assumed something was wrong so I cancelled it and will investigate further.

Any advice as to whether or not the mapping stage should take minutes, hours, or days would be much appreciated.


Even for 1 table also It is not proceeding further after Carawling.. step.

Since this is an old post, I am not sure, if you question was already answered ....

(1) What is the database size ?
(2) What is the size of each tables ?