Etl mysql connection failed

(Strato Bayitaa) #1

I cannot create a connection between Mysql and Neoj4 using ETL. I get following error message "Connection failed. SQL state: 08001, message: Could not create connection to database server. Attempted reconnect 3 times. Giving up".

(Michael Hunger) #2

you have no password in your mysql db?
is it up and running? can you connect from the mysql console?
and via JDBC, e.g. via squirrelsql?

(Strato Bayitaa) #3

I have a db password which I provide but it still happens. These are the details of my db:
username = root
password = password

With the same details I am able to connect via JDBC using these details:

#spring.datasource.Driver =
spring.datasource.username = root
spring.datasource.password = password

Note! the databases are two mydb and projectdb, I face the same challenge in trying to create the connection, be it mydb or projectdb, I get the same feedback.

(Moji Tavoni) #4

I'm not an expert but i think you should check your database input, try to put as it is in your mysql :thinking:

(Michael Hunger) #5

perhaps a localhost lookup issue?

did you try to paste the exact URL you use in Spring into the app?


(Strato Bayitaa) #6

Yes I did that. I am still facing the same problem, and thinking maybe some windows files could be the cause of this, I did a new windows installation and installed only MySQL Workbench and Neo4J desktop. I went through the required configuration and had my ETL tool installed. Low and behold it gave me the same message. Maybe something further is required beyond the ETL integration video I watched online.
What configuration do I need from MySQL Workbench ? or what windows configuration do I need. Thanks

(Michael Hunger) #7

You just need the mysql database running and being able to accept connections
And have the auth set up and a database created to access.

Can you try to connect to it using JDBC e.g. with Squirrel or SQLExplorer?

(Strato Bayitaa) #8

I have been able to connect using SQL Explorer.

. I decided to copy the url from the configuration in SQL Explorer Capture3 to Neo4j ETL.

(Strato Bayitaa) #9

And this is the message that appears

. Meanwhile going by the default configuration in Neo4j ETL, I still encounter the same problem "Connection failed. SQL state: 08001, message: Could not create connection to database server. Attempted reconnect 3 times. Giving up." .

(Alberto De Lazzari) #10

Hi, does your connection use SSL or not?
What version of MySQL are you using? Is it 8.x?
Because probably the embedded driver doesn't support MySQL version 8.x.
I have to check which embedded version the ETL tool is currently using.


(Strato Bayitaa) #12

The version of MySQL I'm using is 8.0.

(Michael Hunger) #13

Then please use a custom driver and select "JDBC" in the drop down box and construct your own JDBC URL.