Error while installing Neo4j 4.4.4 on Azure Kubernetes Service


I am installing Neo4j 4.4.4 using the steps provided to deploy casual cluster in Azure Kubernetes Service.
I am following the steps mentioned in
Quickstart: Deploy a cluster - Operations Manual (

While running a command
helm install core-1 neo4j/neo4j-cluster-core -f values1.yaml

I am getting an error as

install.go:172: [debug] Original chart version: ""
install.go:189: [debug] CHART PATH: /home/amit/.cache/helm/repository/neo4j-cluster-core-4.4.4.tgz

Error: parse error at (neo4j-cluster-core/templates/neo4j-imagePullSecret.yaml:10): function "all" not defined
helm.go:81: [debug] parse error at (neo4j-cluster-core/templates/neo4j-imagePullSecret.yaml:10): function "all" not defined

Can anyone please let me know what am I missing here?

Amit Pawar.

Which version of helm are you using? This error suggests that your helm isn't understanding something that's in the templates; are you using something recent in the 3 series of helm?

Hi David,
Thanks for your reply.

Yes I am using Helm v3.4.0
version.BuildInfo {Version:"v3.4.0",GitTreeState:"clean", GoVersion:"go1.14.10"}


the same problem, but the helm 3.7.2 is work well