Error when deploying to Azure - InvalidContentLink

Hi Community,

I'm having issues with creating a Node4J Enterprise Cluster via the Azure Marketplace. I have been following the tutorial from the Neo4J website

At the summary page on Azure (Home>Get Started>Neo4j Enterprise Edition>Create Neo4j Enterprise Edition>Summary) I get the following error:

Unable to download deployment content from'.

Below are the details of cluster configuration i'm trying to create:

Subscription: Free Trial
Resource group: Neo4j-Cluster
Location: (US) East US
Admin Account Name: adminuser

Neo4j Settings
Neo4j Version: Latest version
Neo4j password:
SSL Certificate:
SSL Private Key:
Neo Cluster Name: neo
Number of VMs: 3
Size of each VM: Standard B2s
Virtual network for the Cluster: neo-vnet-01
Subnet for Cluster VMs: clusterSubnet
Subnet for Cluster VMs address prefix:
Public IP address: NeoIP001
None: -

Has anyone else ran into this type of issue?


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Hi @loughlin - sorry you're running into this trouble.

I double checked the process, and I think the way Azure has deployed our resources makes it easy to get the wrong thing. On the Azure marketplace page, when you click "Get it now" you get a dialog like this:


Can you please confirm that you are choosing Neo4j Enterprise Causal Cluster 3.5.5? If you choose the very top line (Causal Cluster with no version number) then I see the same deploy error that you do. I'll work in the background to get this fixed -- but in the meantime, if you try to launch 3.5.5 it should work just fine.

I hope this helps.

But when I clicked 'Get it now' button no drop down is showing, instead it is prefilled.