Major improvements to Neo4j's Azure Cloud support


(M. David Allen) #1

Hi everybody,

Recently we've made new Azure Marketplace entries available for Neo4j Enterprise, and I wanted to provide a quick rundown on what this is about and where to find the documentation.

Azure Marketplace now contains:

This is a self-managed option, meaning that if you launch Neo4j using these templates, you'll have new VMs spun up within your Azure account, and you'll be granted administrative access to those VMs, so you'll have the ability to add any plugins or change any aspect of configuration you'd like.

What does this Replace?

Up until recently, the Neo4j option in the Azure marketplace was a "High Availability" cluster option only. This has been retired because HA clusters are an older version of the product; we now recommend people deploy causal clusters instead. Additionally, the previous templates contained a lot of extra optionality which was more likely to result in errors in the deploy process. We've simplified the flow and made it easier to get started quickly.


We've provided on our site walk-throughs of how to use the marketplace entries here:

As with our other cloud platforms (AWS and Google Cloud), you can read about how the virtual machines work and can be configured in this article, Neo4j Cloud VMs.

Big advances in Neo4j support for Azure Cloud!