Error on CREATE SET: using an escaped json string

Hello folks!

I'm trying to create a node with a property that should store a json string totally escaped.

When I try to run the command CREATE SET, I got an error:

neobolt.exceptions.CypherSyntaxError: Invalid input 'd': expected 'n/N' or 's/S' (line 2, column 38 (offset: 136))

What is the proper way to store a json as property?

    node.stat_val = "[{\\"id\\":\\"20a80637-f1d5-40d7-968a-a1b44da5afe0\\",\\"title\\":\\"Checklist Adesão\\",\\"isPersonalList\\":true,\\"isSharedList\\":false,\\"settings\\":{\\"preventSolve\\":false,\\"dontAllowChanges\\":false,\\"tags_setting\\":[\\"check_adesao\\"]},\\"tasks\\":[{\\"title\\":\\"teste1\\",\\"id\\":\\"1f255631-cfd6-4c44-9d63-5b29952d7b33\\"}]}]", 
    node.stat_name = 'max', 
    node.start_epoch = '1577398480', 
    node.end_epoch = '1577398490', 
    node.published_tag = 'unique_tag',
    node.publisher_last_updated_epoch_ms = timestamp()"

You are storing the string representing the JSON object, not a map correct?

I suggest that you use the single quote around the whole string and then use the double quotes inside (without the \ escape characters).