Eigenvector centrality failing

I just started my journey with neo4j. In one of my tasks I was supposed to run the eigenvector centrality algorithm however that process failed. There seems to be a problem with the size of the number, i.e. the amount of decimals (screenshot of the error attached below). I was searching over documentation you provide to fix the above problem but I could not find anything. I would appreciate any help!

Are you calling the procedure with configuration parameters ‘maxIterations’ and/or ‘tolerance’?

Try adding them to see if the algorithm stops before returning the error and gives you a reasonable result.

Hello @amalota ,
Unfortunately, this is a known issue related to the centralityDistribution. If you specify your YIELD clause to f.i. YIELD ranIterations, didConverge the query should succeed.

Fixing this takes longer than we anticipated, but we can make sure to throw a better error message.