Dynamic bubble size

Hello everyone,

I implemented a java application that connects to the database and applies graph data science algorithms and then projects them to a neo4j broswer. Is there a way i make the bubble(node) size of the browser to be dynamic and depend on nodes attributes?

I know this can be done in bloom however, i want to do it in the browser. I tried changing the grass script and i los all the nodes. In my algorithmic pipeline i have a centrality algorithm and i append it on nodes attributes, i want adjust the node sizes on the centrality results.

Thank you in advance everyone :slight_smile:

Hello @loucas.andrew97 :slight_smile:

It's not possible to do this with Neo4j browser. You can only do this. I advice you to develop your own visualization tool. Don't forget Neo4j is a database and Neo4j browser is here to create and test queries.


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