Dynamic bubble size

Hello everyone,

I implemented a java application that connects to the database and applies graph data science algorithms and then projects them to a neo4j broswer. Is there a way i make the bubble(node) size of the browser to be dynamic and depend on nodes attributes?

I know this can be done in bloom however, i want to do it in the browser. I tried changing the grass script and i los all the nodes. In my algorithmic pipeline i have a centrality algorithm and i append it on nodes attributes, i want adjust the node sizes on the centrality results.

Thank you in advance everyone :slight_smile:

Hello @loucas.andrew97 :slight_smile:

It's not possible to do this with Neo4j browser. You can only do this. I advice you to develop your own visualization tool. Don't forget Neo4j is a database and Neo4j browser is here to create and test queries.


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Hello, I wonder if anyone has found a visuzalisation tool with this capability? It seems to me like a pretty basic option, but still very valuable to make the most out of a graph visualization

Hello @matthieu !

There are some new rule based styling on NeoDash 2.x that may suit your use case. Check it out and let us know if you have any suggestion.


Thanks for the heads up @bennu_neo . I had actually given it a try, but maybe not on the last version. I found it difficult to have the node size written as a property whereas it could be a rule that change with the definition of the query (like how many neighbours in the graph for example)