Dubious GDS 1.6 Path Finding Algorithm Examples - Fail on writing to database

I have searched for a similar topic and did not find one, so here goes:
System: MacBookPro, OS 11.5.1, Intel Chipset
Neo4J: Enterprise v4.3.2
GDS: v1.6

I have meticulously (copied) the GDS 1.6 Examples (Section 3) for:

  1. Dijkstra Source Target
  2. Dijkstra Single Source
  3. Yens
    And all is well, until the last step when writing from the mutated graph projection to the database. All have failed with the following error:

I checked the API call and the call setup looks fine. I verified that the totalCost property was mutated correctly:

Can someone from Neo4J verify the .write() issue associated with these algorithms. BTW: I stopped with these, assuming the bug was ubiquitous.


Duplicate of Neo4J GDS Staff Please Verify GDS 1.6 Path Finding Algo Examples Fail to Write to Neo4J Database. Will respond on there.