Download datasets


Is it possible to download the training sets used in the graph academy? SO I can load them into my local neo install.


Hello Paul,

The intro course has a browser guide and or CSV files to import so you can host the data locally.

Are you referring to the Applied Algorighms course or Data Science course?

Those courses use specialized sandboxes.

Here is a link to the yelp data set that we use for the sandbox:

I will need to track down the dataset for the Citations sandbox used for the Data Science course.


Here is the Citations dataset:


I just download the citations dataset.
how to import this db file (citations.db) into neo4j ?

Thank you,

The zip file for the citations database is 3.4 so the first thing you should do in Neo4j Desktop is to create a project that has a 3.4 database.

Then do the following:

  1. Unzip the database zip file.
  2. Start the database.
  3. Stop the database.
  4. Click the manage button for the database.
  5. Click the open folder button for the database. This is the location of your Neo4j instance.
  6. In file explorer, navigate to the installation-x.x.x/data/databases folder.
  7. Copy the folder where you unzipped the database to the databases folder.
  8. Delete the graph.db folder.
  9. Rename the to graph.db.
  10. Start the database.