Display styple for nodes with multiple labels

I have nodes with two labels in my graph, something like a general label, Employee, and then specific labels, Engineer, SoftwareDeveloper, etc.
I want to have the node color be defined by those specific labels.
I created a grass file with a nodee specification for each of thos specific label and not for Employee.
However, it didn't quite work. For some of the specific labels neo4j shows the colors specified in the grass file. And for some neo4j uses a color it randomly assigned to Employee label.
I tried to force the color in the browser directly by clicking to the lable name and then down at the bottom picking different colors, but neo4j ignored me.

What can I do?

Did you check the order of color assignment in the file?

I checked an example in my dataset and it does appear to be following the last entry policy. In the grass file my Go (category label) is assigned before the subgroup label colors, and the browser shows what I would like to see.

Hi Joel,

Thank you for the reply. I didn't have anything for the main label in the grass file.
After reading your post I decided to add it explicitly in the grass file, so that neo4j will know the order and will know to ignore it.
Now, everything almost works. I have 7 sub-level labels. 6 of them show up in the correct color. The 7th one (the most numerous one, not sure if it matters) shows up in the color of the main label. But, when I click on any of the nodes of that sub-level, all of them change to the correct color.

I'm using Neo4j Browser version: 4.0.5; Neo4j Server version: [4.0.2] in Chrome.