Desktop not launching at all (windows)

after machine blue screen crash, neo4j desktop would not launch

it does not appear in task manager applications list, just 3 processes that remain like this

the memory used changes over time, but that's it

tried reboot machine, uninstalled and reinstalled desktop, still the same

any idea highly appreciated since I'm only a couple of days away from deadline to deliver DB before en of mission...

read different posts on the subjects but could not find anything that would solve this

UPDATE: ended up uninstalling with "delete neo4j file option" desktop reinstallation now launches, struggling with restauring DB ...

For restoring the db's if you still have the old db's around you can just copy them into place of a new one (both data/databases and data/transactions)

if you run into issues with Desktop 1.4.7 on Windows could you try this and report back?

try asking them to delete the C:\Users[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Neo4j\Relate\Cache\plugin-sources\default-sources.json file and see if that helps? We think that the reason for desktop not starting for some users might be that the cached plugin sources has become corrupt

I have tried going to the path you shared and there was no plugin-sources folder but instead this path:


Only having the neo4j-jwt-addon-1.2.0.jar

I've attempted deleting this entire Neo4j folder from the AppData but no change. I've uninstalled and re-installed Desktop version multiple times and it still won't start up.