Default node label with neovis

Hi all,

What is the concept of default node label when querying using a visualization library such as neovis?

I have the following nodes in my db where each node has more than one label -

SourceTable, TargetTable -> both also have the node label - Table
SourceDB, TargetDB -> both also have the node label - Database

The use case is basically to visualize the social graph for DBs interacting with other DBs and tables interacting with other tables. To that end after running pagerank and louvain algorithms on the data, I send the following query to neo4j via neovis -

match (n:Table)-[r:INTERACTS_WITH]->(m:Table) return n,r,m limit 500

As you can see, I specifically queried with the "Table" node label however I still get a visual that looks like this -

The neovis settings are -

I searched for any articles or forum posts that talk about how to change the default node label but they are all with respect to viewing nodes in the browser. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.