Database Not Found Error

Hey there,
I am having an issue loading a dump file into new a database. things seem fine but when i open the database i receive the following error, Database "database" is unavailable, its status is "offline". i tried multiple databases using multiple methods. i tried create a new DBMS from the drop-off menu in files and neo4j-admin Load.
can you help with this,
where is the issue.
by the way, i also tried multiple versions including 4.4.0


Q1: What's Neo4j version of your dump file?
Q2: Did you copy the dump file into data/dumps folder of 4.4.0 version folder?
Q3: Did you enable the dbms.allow_upgrade=true in the 4.4.0 neo4j config file before you you ran the load statement?

Please post your steps so that I can help you with correct solution.

thanks, actual just enabling dbms.allow_upgrade=true did it