Database "foo" is unavailable, its status is "quarantined"

I've been developing a PlugIn. Thus, frequent restarts of the database and occasional hung system if I've messed up the java code. Always recoverable until I got this message today:

Initially I got an error thaat the database was not available because of a routing table error. Then, after restart with teves4 as default (did not work) and then resetting default to neo4j, I got this message:

Database "teves4" is unavailable, its status is "quarantined"..

What's going on here? No big deal to re-create the database but I'd like to understand the issues.

All other databases in the DBMS are working okay.

Databases can enter quarantine if they encounter some critical error. It's important to review the logs to determine the cause of the error and address it if possible.

Once addressed, you can use a procedure to lift the quarantine.