Neo4j running on Ubuntu but cannot connect to database

I receive this error Neo.TransientError.Database.DatabaseUnavailable when trying to connect to the my Neo4j database. My neo4j.conf file is set up so dbms.default_database=pocgraph.db and the pocgraph.db directory that contains all my database files are sitting in the /var/lib/neo4j/data/databases directory.

There doesn't seem to be any resolution regarding this error online, so I'm hoping somebody here can point me in the right direction. I'm happy to provide any additional information or screenshots if necessary.

Thanks in advance!

Make sure you're actually connected to your neo4j instance first.

Try :server disconnect followed by :server connect and ensure you can actually contact the server and log in.

If you can get that far, then use :dbs to see what databases are available.

You may also want to switch to the system db and use show databases to see their status.

Hi Andrew, thanks for the response.

I'm already connected to the server and have logged in. For the database, it gives me the error ""An error occurred! Unable to start database with name pocgraph.db.""

Any ideas? I'm not sure what to do because when i did this with my local server all I had to do was point the default database to that directory.

Screenshot for reference: