Cypher, Neo4j, & GRANDstack developer

(Michael McKenzie) #1

My name is Michael McKenzie. I live in Washington DC and am actively pursuing new opportunities utilizing Neo4j. I have been working with Neo4j and cypher for two and a half years working primarily on personal passion projects. I have recently expanded upon my personal passion project building full stack web applications with the GRANDstack framework.

I have a strong analytical background in mathematics and civil/structural engineering. I thrive working both independently and in teams to deconstruct, analyze, and reconstruct solutions using cypher and Neo4j. I am currently working remotely. I am interested in opportunities in and around the DC area as well as remote opportunities. I am a self-taught graph enthusiast interested in creating solutions to complex problems that exist in the world.

Additionally, I am an active member in the Neo4j community as a Co-Organizer of the GraphDB DC meetup group in Washington, DC.

I have earned my Neo4j Professional certification.

Please feel free to reach out if you know of any relevant opportunities or have any additional questions.

Michael McKenzie