Create json from tree structured data


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Hi Everyone,

i am facing a issue while creating json from tree structure data modal in neo4j.

my data as follows:

above graph does not have full data but it is looks like this
in my data each node have same label and different properties i have a unique BARCODE on which we need to get json data.
each node connected with a node that is node type . this is filter for our graph i need to get node in json that have abc type
currently i am using below query but i am getting General.StackOverFlowError error

WITH collect(a) as nodes
With last(nodes) as m
MATCH PATH = (m)<-[*]-(l)
with collect(PATH) as paths 
call apoc.convert.toTree(paths) yield value return value

i want to get a json which has whle data in json
as a input i can give any barcode from graph

Thanks in advance.