CREATE INDEX ON :Label(prop) is really slow after neo4j-admin import

(Sean R Graff) #1

I had this issue happen to me where after importing a database of only 10 million nodes, I couldn't create indexes! It would just get hung up and continue to load.

Well, I found a solution, and I hope it helps others!

All I had to do was restart Neo4j after it hung up, and when I went back into the cypher-shell after the restart, the index was created instantly.

I'd love to know WHY this worked! But for now, I'm happy I was able to figure this out, and I hope it helps others. I searched for quite some time for a solution.


(Michael Hunger) #2

Glad you figured it out. I'm still not sure exactly what you did when it failed.

do neo4j-admin import
let it finish
start up the database
create index

should work fine.