Create flowcharts from Neo4j

Is there a way to export Neo4j data nodes edges in a structured format so that I could use the exported data to replace our process flowcharts (i.e. - define the direction, adjust visual elements, change fonts, assign specific node positions)? Ideally I could export to DOT / graphviz and then create a visual; this seems to have been an option previously but is no longer supported (neo4j/community/graphviz at 2.3 · neo4j/neo4j · GitHub)?


One option:

Perhaps take a look at Dagre (GitHub - dagrejs/dagre: [DEPRECATED] - Directed graph layout for JavaScript), which is a JavaScript library for laying out directed graphs. For the rendering layer it uses the popular d3 library, under the hood.

It appears that Dagre supports the creation of flowcharts. I'm searching for an example - will post back when I find one.

Edit: Here's something approaching a flowchart, generated from a directed graph: Edit fiddle - JSFiddle - Code Playground

Edit2: Here's another example of a JS lib: Flowchart. Perhaps you could write a CYPHER query that emits the model format.

Edit3: Here's one more tool (, built on Dagre, feed the model as text like this:

[plunder]->[<choice>more loot]
[more loot]->[st]
[more loot] no ->[<

^-- result like this. Again, perhaps you could write a CYPHER query to produce input format to the diagram tool.