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I have an existing project that involves Twitter content and Elasticsearch. Last week I started playing with Neo4j/py2neo, and now I've got some proper graph data, instead of massaging output into CSV and then bringing it into Gephi.

I could use some pointers on the following:

What is there other than Bloom that will connect to Neo4j and provide an analysis/layout environment similar to Gephi?

I would like to show some of my graph database content in an iframe, most likely it'll be Wordpress. Elasticsearch will just give me a snippet of iframe code to do the job, Neo4j seems to want some actual JavaScript on the site in order to do the communications. Can someone point out resources that work in that environment?

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Hi @nealr,
here are few alternatives, that i may be some lead for you ....

  1. Keylines -> JavaScript graph visualization: the KeyLines toolkit
  2. Linkurious ->
  3. Graphileon ->
  4. Popoto.js ->
  5. d3.js
  6. Cytoscape ->
  7. VivaGraphJS -> GitHub - anvaka/VivaGraphJS: Graph drawing library for JavaScript
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Graphileon is an absolute gem - thanks for the tip ;-)

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