Connecting to a remote neo4j server using the latest neo4j.rb solution

I followed the Neo4j.rb setup, and successfully managed to get a ubuntu container with rails to speak with a neo4j server running on the same container. However I have not been successful in getting my the driver to work with a remote server with the following config

config.neo4j.driver.url = 'neo4j://localhost:7474'
config.neo4j.driver.username = 'neo4j'
config.neo4j.driver.password = 'password'
config.neo4j.driver.encryption = false

This works,. However having setup the Movie example in the> selected connect remotely, which provided me the pw, and url and ports I have not been able to connect.

I keep receiving the following: Neo4j::Driver::Exceptions::ServiceUnavailableException ( Could not perform discovery. No routing servers available. )

Please advise.