Connecting neo4j to qgis

Hi everyone

Is there any possibility to connect neo4j to gis (particularly qgia)?


Do you mean QGIS? (

There are many different ways to integrate with Neo4j (user-defined procedures and functions, extensions, bolt protocol, http protocol, etc) Can you describe a little more about what you're trying to do?


Hi Ryan

Yes, I am talking about QGIS. actually, I have a couple of colleagues in the company who are architects and they are always working with QGIS. On the other hand, recently I (as DBA) have transferred our db from MySQL to neo4j. Besides I have decided to add the QGIS data to our db and for this I used "spatial neo4j". But what my colleagues are asking me that if there is anyway that they can directly get connected to neo4j (via QGIS) and have direct access to this db? unfortunately I could not find any plugins and any other way.