Connect to remote graph issue

Received with thanks, it still doesn't work, I'm still working on it.


Could you plz help with that? thank you again!

i'm also faced this kind of issue. in my case my OS is ubuntu and had to uninstall with deleting all related folder of neo4j and again install it freshly solved my problem.
In my case i have installed old version of neo4j and after i installed latest neo4j version but it didn't work. in my case also i couldn't connect it through neo4j desktop but it can access through neo4j browser and also couldn't connect default DB only connected to system DB. when connecting to default DB it showed error saying 'an error occurred in graph.db'. then i uninstall neo4j and delete all related folder of neo4j and again installed it freshly and problem solved. hope this may help you.

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Thanks, I closed both firewalls of Mac and Windows 10(remote computer) before I had this issue, so I think the problem is somewhere else~

Hello @yli249, so if I understand well, you don't have any real servers, just two "classic" computers?

I never tried to connect two laptops together and I don't know if this is possible. But to start, I think one of them must be with Neo4j Server and the other with Neo4j Desktop.

For the neo4j.conf file, maybe get a fresh new one and only changed lines I gave you at the beginning.

Yes,I have installed both Neo4j server(open via browser ) and Neo4j desktop for Mac and Windows 10.
Now on Mac, Neo4j database instance can be open via browser(localhost) as well as desktop.


So if you want to access the Neo4j server of the other computer, try with his local IP since you are on the same network:)


It's a bit different from what I wrote:





So let me summarize the story:

  • you have 2 computers (no real server): one with Windows 10 and one with MacOS
  • you have installed Neo4j Server Community and Neo4j Desktop on both
  • your goal is to access database from the other computer
  • both computers are on the same network

So this is the plan:

  • make sure both computers can see each other on the network
  • the database you want to access remotly must have a special configuration, at least:
  • dbms.default_listen_address= allows the database to be accessed from outside of the computer ;
  • dbms.connector.bolt.enabled=true allows the communication threw bolt protocol ;
  • When you have changed the configuration of the remote server, restart it and show us its status please ( bin/neo4j status or service neo4j-service status)
  • On the other computer, with Neo4j Desktop, you must specify the adress of the remote server so in your case, it should be the IP of the other computer (you can try your local IP or your real IP).

After that, I won't have other ideas :/

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Okay. What I would suggest, spin up a some simple server(like chrome plugin: 200 ok) on 7474 port and try browsing from your local Mac machine or curl.. just for a test..

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Hi, Cobra,

I stopped using virtual machine and used another laptop installed Neo4j community as well as Neo4j desktop. I tried to remotely connect this new laptop to the Neo4j database on my Mac OS.

Since the configuration you mentioned does not work for me, I made some modifications to neo4j.conf according to the suggestions provided online, which is shown below:

I found my local Ip address and external IP address:

In order to prevent chrome from blocking my remote requests,I used a guest visit mode of Chrome to open Neo4j browser database on mac via http://localhost:7474/browser/,

then I also used a guest visit mode of chrome on the new laptop and connected via http://12x.x.x.x:7474/browser/ The Ip adress I used was local IP address of my Mac.

But it is not always working ...then I realized my neo4j may not have signed SSL certificates so that the request from the new laptop cannot reach my Mac OS, the solutions of getting SSL certificates seems complex:

Could you plz tell me if getting SSL certificates is necessary to solve this issue?

Besides, I'm wondering if using Neo4j Aura for sharing a database online is much easier.

Thank you guys for helping me in solving this problem, if you have any other ideas plz let me know:)

Thank you again!!


I never used SSL certificate on Neo4j so I don't know to to be honest :confused:

Neo4j Aura is a good solution but you will have to pay to use it.

Maybe you could only use one PC ? :slight_smile:

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Hi, Cobra, after changed the configuration of the remote server, I restarted it and input bin/neo4j status into Terminal, the result was:

But I'm sure my Neo4j database in desktop was running as well as http://localhost:7474/browser/.

Could you plz help with that ? Maybe this can provide some clues that I cannot remotely connect to Neo4j.


Hello @yli249 ,

Neo4j is not running so I think your server is not up, try bin/neo4j start or bin/neo4j console and check the status again:)

Be aware that there is a difference between a local database from Neo4j Desktop and a remote server from Neo4j Server:)


Hi, Cobra, I changed the neo4j.conf via terminal command according to your configuration and the log status is weird...also I still can't connect to remote graph.

Could you plz help with that?

It looks like the database turns itself off, can you try reinstalling a new one? If possible with the latest version of Neo4j (> 4.0) :slight_smile:


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Thank you so much for all you have done for me :smile:

I can remotely connect to Neo4j now.

I had a big misunderstanding which is I thought once I download both Neo4j desktop and neo4j server, they should operate together. But as you said, there's a difference between a local database from Neo4j Desktop and a remote server from Neo4j Server and we need to use terminal to connect them as well as make sure we change the right neo4j.conf.

Thank you again!

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No problem, you see we solved the issue :smile:, enjoy Neo4 now :smile:


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