Configure Intellij to edit Graph Data Science source code


I cloned the Graph Data Science source code (, checked out branch 1.2 (compatible with Neo4j 4.0.4), opened it within Intellij IDEA. It seems the IDE can't recognize the outer-most folder "graph-data-science" as a project folder. As showed in the picture below, Intellij can't "go to declaration":

I can build the library ("./gradlew packaging:shadowJar") successfully with Command Line. The JDK for Intellij is Oracle JDK 11.0.7 x64.

Any help is really appreciated. I'm more familiar with Python & PyCharm. But not very proficient at programming with Java.

Thank you.

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I just figured that out, thanks to link.

In short, in Intellij, File -> Open. Then point to the file "build.gradle" in the Source Code folder.