What is the IDE to build Neo4j?

Hi all,

I have experience with Java, but not Scala.

With Eclipse, there are still errors with Neo4j code base, even after installing Scala IDE for Eclipse.

Appreciate providing hints about which IDE/tools used to build Neo4j 4.0 branch.

Hi @asashour,

Eclipse is a very good IDE for Java development and there should be no problem using it for Neo4j development too.


Thanks, but to give more details, the following setup give the far below errors.

What versions do you use?

  • Java 11.0.6
  • Eclipse 2020-03
  • Scala IDE for Eclipse 4.7.1

We used
Eclipse Neon
Java 8
Neo4j 3.5

In case someone else faces the same issue.

IntelliJ with Scala plugin can compile the source. It seems Scala IDE for Eclipse is not maintained.