Como configurar una master slave con neo4j

(Javiercostasaliaga) #1

Buen dia, un favor alguien sabe como se puede configurar una master - slave con neo4j, lo que necesito es que se pueda introducir datos a la Base de Datos Master y este a la vez se replique en la Base de Datos Slave

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(Benoit Simard) #2


I hope that my Spanish is sufficient to understand your question ^^ (please, consider to write in english to receive a maximum of help).

Neo4j (in the enterprise version) has a cluster mechanism called HA (High Avaibility) that can do what you want (it's a Master/Slave architecture). You can find all the information about how to setup a HA cluster here :

For your information, a cluster in Neo4j requires a minima of 3 servers.

Neo4j has an other cluster architecture that is called Causal Clustering, and I recommend you to use it instead of the HA mode (HA is just maintained, it will not evolved).

I suggest you to read the documentation about the clustering architecture of Neo4j :

NB: To launch a Causal Cluster with Docker, take a look at